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“They are very dedicated and committed to the project and they are now like a member of our family...”I have nothing but good things to say about EGC and this collaboration… Always helping, the support team were very reactive and efficient. They are very dedicated and committed to the project and they are now like a member of our family... We are glad to work with them on a long run. Whenever we had some unexpected issue like technical difficulties or additional challenges, EGC’s support team were very reactive and efficient. So ultimately, our customers were very satisfied with the service.
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Norman Seelson IT Director, at Will Smith Consulting Group
EGC brought issues up and had a good pulse for the organization, and they also had great recommendations on what to do when affecting change. EGC has smart people who get up to speed very quickly. They are immediately on the ground, very practical, and meld into the organization well.
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- Zoe Marrenzo, CIO at Corporate Express PTE Limited
EGC representatives on site provided steadfast communication with me and my staff directly involved in the construction project.
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- Fishman Kay, Superintendent at Vantage Health Center
“Bechnie Kohl’s work impressed me on multiple levels. He had an uncanny sense for what I was pondering but hadn’t yet said aloud, really listened effectively to what I was seeking, brought forward strong consultative ideas for my consideration, and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills. How could so many terrific characteristics and abilities find their way into one solution Architect? I recommend Bechie unequivocally and would work with him again in a heartbeat.”
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- Jane Beems, IT Manager at Unis Breathe Inc
“Because of a spin-off, our business needed to update our online shopping system in a short time period. I was familiar with Stephen’s work, but not sure if he could work with our time frame. To my delight, Stephen accepted the project and quickly completed a fantastic result. We feel he understood our goals and upgrade our infrastructure we can will use for a long time future.”
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- Mandy Sound, at Hovood Hardware Global Inc
EGC innovative construction techniques allowed you to work through the inevitable issues that arise during renovation projects while maintaining the critical milestones and finish two months ahead of schedule. Best of all, your value engineering suggestions resulted in a final cost that was $2 million dollars under the GMP, allowing us to fund additional scope items that were on the school administration’s “wish list.”
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- David Samphon, Assistant Manager, ITS at School Board of Brevard Court
The leadership and professionalism that EGC has displayed has made working with you an exceptional professional experience and a true pleasure.  The quality of work has been outstanding. From the beginning, EGC provided the project management, as well as safety and quality control commitment necessary to successfully execute a highly complex, large-scale, IT project in US.
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- Michael Fred, IT Director at AIS construction group Inc.

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