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IT Professional Services: meeting your demands

The pressure is on. Most IT leaders wear multiple hats, trying to stay on top of every security threat while improving customer service, decreasing time-to-market, managing applications, and helping grow the business, all with a limited staff and budget. Lighten your load and delegate one or more of these technology hats to Quest, a proven IT Professional Services leader. Our project managers live and breathe your IT strategic priorities. Scheduled deliverables meet and exceed your timelines, and documentation is thorough and easy to comprehend.

Why IT Professional Services? 

EGC understands the complexities, risks, and benefits, associated with operating a successful Information Technology group that is focused on delivering superb service. Our approach is to work collaboratively with companies to augment operations for those tasks and times when a specific expertise is necessary or a bandwidth limit is reached for the current staff. We offer services that allow companies to focus on strategy and day to day operations. Our professional services team offers both fixed fee and time and materials based projects to offset staff and technology gaps to meet the organizations user and business demands.

Our Professional Services’ benefit to you:


  • Fill the technology gap within current team in an on demand model.
  • Control and reduce deployment times.
  • Eliminate the need to train employees
  • Allow companies to remain focused on strategy and operational efficiency.
  • Provide dynamic and scalable experts and resources on demand.
  • Remove project management responsibility while adding accountability to end results.

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Services Description

Spend the “savings” but not “time”
Every day, your IT assets grow older. As they near their end of life, your challenge becomes how to dispose of or redeploy these aging assets. And, every day, you contemplate the regulations and restrictions for disposal, the costs involved, the vast number of providers that provide some, but not all, services.
The risks and consequent costs of improper IT asset disposition fall into two main categories: security (e.g. exposure of sensitive corporate data) and environmental such as former corporate IT assets ending up as hazardous material in a landfill.
If you’re looking for a simpler approach to asset disposal we can offer you one. 

  • You identify the assets
  • We manage the disposition
  • You reap the benefits

Asset disposal services include:
  Asset de-installation – The decommissioning of hardware from the business environment including disconnecting, unplugging, packaging and physical removal.
Data wiping or cleansing Services – All of our services include detailed processes to cleanse materials of any corporate identifying items, wipe hard drives and dispose of materials through environmentally certified processes. We can remove data or software from the hardware devices that store information on PC’s, servers, printers, tablets or smartphones.
Logistics – The secure, physical transport of hardware from one location to another. Logistics consists of tracking, packaging, storage, and transportation.
Asset refurbishment and recycling – The refurbishment of assets to extend the life of the hardware, making the product available for redeployment within the customer’s environment. Asset Remarketing The resale and/or donation of client assets for shared monetary proceeds or goodwill.
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Get EGC People on Demand
In today’s volatile business environment, organizations must do far more than simply manage a growing variety of technologies. They must support constantly shifting business demands.
​EGC has over two decades of experience providing contract, temporary-to-hire and direct placement services to Fortune 1000, mid-size companies and small businesses in North America. Our flexible approach allows us to support a wide range of talent acquisition and consulting engagement models while delivering desired results to our clients. We offer access to professionals including developers, designers, project managers, testers, help desk associates, software design engineers and much more.
​If you need to augment your staff to meet your objectives, let us connect you with the right people with the right skills at the right time. Contact us today to learn more about our IT Staffing services.

Contract Consulting
  When you need external talent on a temporary basis, EGC has you covered. Our clients rely on us to support the full spectrum of talent acquisition models — from centralized programs managed by VMS/MSPs to decentralized programs led by hiring managers.
​We can deliver any combination of contingent-only, contingent-to-hire and direct placement services to help you:

  • Gain on-demand access to exceptional people.
  • Reduce your management burden by providing performance management and assignment completion.
  • Lower employment law exposure.
  • If you need to augment your staff to meet your objectives, let us connect you with the right people with the right skills at the right time. 
  • Contact us today to learn more about our IT Staffing services.

Direct Placement Services
  EGC’s dedicated direct-placement recruiting organization helps you accelerate hiring and lower your risk. We have over two decades of direct-placement recruiting experience, leverage our mature processes and partner with you closely to precisely align our candidates’ proven history with the results you’re seeking.​
We have deep expertise in placing individual contributor, lead and manager-level IT professionals, as well as management- and executive-level IT professionals (including directors of IT, chief technology officers and chief operations officers).

Infrastructure Design & Implementation
Our team of experienced and trained experts take up the role to design, implement and manage complex LAN, WAN, system operations guidelines security for your business. Most importantly, we recommend a holistic solution that is optimised to meet your current requirements and also provide sufficient flexibility for future expansion.

What We Do

  • Assess your current and future IT needs
  • Recommend suitable hardware and software solutions from reliable IT vendors
  • Implement and manage IT infrastructure implementation projects


System Configuration and Management
With Scout@anywhere Workplace, we monitor and manage client’s IT assets, including systems, software, hardware and virtual resources. With a proactive IT health monitoring and alert system, we can better optimise configurations, manage system and software versioning, as well as eliminate costly and obsolete equipment.
Continuous Monitoring
24/7 monitoring of availability and performance of your IT assets
Receive proactive alert notifications of possible failures

Asset Management

  • Perform initial network assessment
  • Asset inventory management features for managing software assets with license keys, hardware configurations and operating system parameters
  • Track software expiry date and hardware warranty status

Security Assurance

  • Continuous monitoring for viruses
  • Automate verification of data backup and completion

Preventive Maintenance

  • Automate or schedule software updates
  • Install and upgrade third-party software for all workstations connected to the network
  • Leverage on powerful desktop utilities for remote troubleshooting and diagnostic tasks
  • Minimise security risks resulting from traditional remote control software reliance on external websites
  • Schedule routine maintenance tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Perform detailed analysis of client’s needs using readily available performance reports
  • Set objectives and plan for IT improvements

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