Hardware Maintenance

Partner with a team who responds with quicker support and multi-platform expertise for your server and storage data center maintenance needs.

You can count on a team with extensive data center maintenance experience supporting IBM, HP, Dell, Oracle, EMC, STK, NetApp, Hitachi and more, and extend the life of your post-warranty mainframe, midrange, Intel-based servers, storage, and networking gear. You also have the option for EGC support on newer equipment and uplift service.

With EGC, we take a partnership approach to proactively investing in the resources to support your data center, focusing on reducing your downtime and frustration and increasing your uptime and satisfaction.  We are much more than a standard third-party maintenance provider – consider us an extension of your IT Department.


  • Technical support for on-site data center hardware maintenance
  • System solutions and upgrades
  • IT asset recovery – we purchase decommissioned equipment
  • Technical support for OS services nationwide
  • Data center relocations worldwide
Benefits of Third Party Maintenance

EGC provides data center maintenance services that reduce hard costs and create time, by freeing resources to focus on company innovation and productivity. Through our channel partners, we have over 20 years of experience providing data center services to major corporations, higher education institutions, and government organizations that value peak efficiency, service that is OEM caliber or better, and hard dollar savings.

EGC Maintenance Services help: 

  • Minimize downtime 
  • Reduce risk 
  • Realize significant savings on IT maintenance and warranty support
  • Consolidate and streamline support across multiple platforms and networks

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Services Description

EGC is a leader in HP third party maintenance and offers hardware maintenance plans as well as warranty extensions on all HP server, storage, and networking products. Third party maintenance enables companies to extend the life of their hardware while reducing their costs. On average, EGC can help companies with Hewlett-Packard hardware save between 50% – 70% on their OEM warranty costs while maintaining the same level of service expertise. EGC offers competitive prices, flexible service level agreements, and a large network of certified technicians and engineers, ensuring that legendary service is always delivered.
Supported HP Hardware:

  • HP Server Hardware
  • HP Integrity
  • HP Alpha-DEC
  • HP NetServer
  • HP Proliant Rackmount (DL) Series
  • HP Proliant Tower (ML) Series
  • HP Proliant BladeSystem (BL) Series
  • HP RP Series
  • HP RX Series
  • HP NonStop Systems
  • HP 3000
  • HP 9000
  • HP Storage Hardware
  • HP StorageWorks Virtual Library System
  • HP SureStore
  • HP ESL E-Series
  • HP MSA / StoreEasy / P2000
  • HP StorageWorks Virtual Library Systems
  • HP StoreVirtual / P4000 / LeftHand
  • HP 3PAR / HP StoreServ
  • HP MSL / ESL / EML / VLS Tape Libraries
  • HP Enterprise Virtual Arrays
  • HP All-in-One-Storage
  • HP XP / P9000
  • HP Networking Hardware
  • HP Switches
  • HP Routers
  • HP Directors

EGC has extensive experience with IBM servers, storage, and networking hardware. We have helped hundreds of companies maintain and extend the life of their IBM hardware.On average, EGC can help companies with IBM hardware save between 50% – 70% on their OEM warranty costs while maintaining the same level of service expertise. EGC offers competitive prices, flexible service level agreements, and a large network of certified technicians and engineers, ensuring that legendary service is always delivered.
Supported IBM Hardware:

  • IBM Server Hardware
  • IBM Power Systems
  • IBM pSeries/System p
  • IBM iSeries/System i
  • IBM zSeries Mainframe Processors/System z
  • IBM xSeries/System x
  • IBM Netfinity
  • IBM BladeCenter
  • IBM Storage Hardware
  • IBM Total Storage Disk Systems
  • IBM Ultrium
  • IBM MagStar
  • IBM Optical Library Data Server
  • IBM RAMAC Virtual Disk Array
  • IBM DS Series
  • IBM EXP Series
  • IBM N Series
  • IBM Networking Hardware
  • IBM Switches
  • IBM Routers
  • IBM Directors

EGC has been servicing EMC hardware for over 25 years. We have a large staff of knowledgeable and experienced technicians who help companies lower their EMC maintenance costs while extending the life of their hardware.
On average, EGC can help companies with EMC hardware save between 50% – 70% on their OEM warranty costs while maintaining the same level of service expertise.EGC offers competitive prices, flexible service level agreements, and a large network of certified technicians and engineers, ensuring that legendary service is always delivered.
Supported EMC Hardware:

  • EMC Server Hardware
  • EMC Clariion
  • EMC Connectix
  • EMC Storage Hardware
  • EMC Celerra
  • EMC Symmetrix
  • EMC Clariion
  • EMC VNX & VNXe
  • EMC Networking Hardware
  • EMC Switches
  • EMC Routers
  • EMC Directors

Networks are the circulatory and nervous system of your datacenter. While individual components may be relatively simple, the network as a whole is a universe unto itself and can be a maddeningly complex support assignment. It doesn’t help that in the networking space, even the OEMs don’t provide onsite technicians; you either find a solid network support provider or you have to do it yourself.
Do I need an alternative to Cisco SmartNet™?
While it may be a great fit for some companies, and on some components, the problem with SmartNet subscriptions is that they are billed automatically on all devices unless you specifically decline it. So you pay for continuous coverage on all systems, even if you never need a patch on your hundreds or thousands of devices over the subscription term. How often have you updated the firmware on your router at home? Systems in the datacenter may need even less patching than that. Cisco doesn’t encourage customers to take a moment to consider this before signing up, but there’s a potential for significant savings and an improvement in the service levels actually received if the one-size-fits-all of SmartNet doesn’t happen to be your size.  

Prevent future failures by proactively monitoring your environment Preventive Maintenance is the process of using a variety of monitoring tools and procedures to proactively identify and remove potential causes of failures.  EGC uses remote network monitoring, active OS support, software patch management, and scheduled system reviews to identify impending problems and resolve them before they impact operations or productivity. Some commonly used terms fir remote monitoring are:

  • Call Home
  • Smart Call Home
  • Auto Support
  • ConnectHome 

We will work closely with you to identify critical systems and implement appropriate preventative maintenance plans that are unique to your operating environment.

Ensure your equipment is always up-to-date with manufacturer specifications and application requirements.
EGC has extensive experience providing operating system (OS) support services in multi-vendor environments.  We offer end-to-end support services portfolios to meet your requirements. Skilled technicians deliver OS support around-the-clock from our US Based OS Support Service Desk.
First Call OS support is immediately provided by Level 3 technicians. This team utilizes current tools and processes to provide state-of-the-art OS support. By establishing a secure conduit to the customer’s network, EGC can rapidly begin diagnosing problems or identifying potential problems as they manifest themselves. 
The OS support functions follow ISO9000 processes and ITIL-based service support processes that include: ‘-Incident Management – the process of responding to events or disruptions as quickly as possible to minimize the adverse impact on business operations.
‘-Problem Management – The process of identifying the root cause of problems and developing a solution that will prevent the problem from recurring and becoming the underlying cause of one or more incidents. 
OS Environments
EGC understands that in today’s environment our customers support a multitude of various applications. In most cases, there is a concentration of specific production systems complimented by various support systems. EGC provides patch services for a variety of OS environments. Upon engagement, EGC provides highly experienced individuals capable of understanding the effect of patches across multiple systems and OS environments.
EGC help desk services support the following environments:

  • SUN SOLARIS, Open Solaris
  • AIX
  • Unix
  • HP-UX
  • Microsoft Windows 2000+ Server, 2003+ Server, 2005+ Server, 2008+ Server


  • Utilize software intelligence to gather applicable patches
  • Apply multi-tier knowledge base to determine patch validity
  • Frequency/schedule of patching determined by EGC based upon release schedules of the vendor
  • EGC can perform the entire patch process or simply stage patches for local administrators to apply at the appropriate times
  • Where available, EGC will stage patches for testing prior to implementation
  • Scheduling to accommodate your schedules and planned change windows
  • Provide documented process to you (through email and multiple designations)

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty is expiring and companies may think there are 2 options: Extend the warranty with your OEM or Purchase new hardware 

But there is a secret option 3!

EGC can provide your post-warranty or EOSL support at a fraction of the cost. Most companies save over 50% of the warranty costs with an EGC solution.
Our maintenance plans are flexible and tailored to individual needs. Hardware maintenance is typically a yearly contract, that includes remote support, on site labor, and the necessary parts. We also work with organizations to provide standard response times to restore commitments accommodating mission critical systems.
Hardware maintenance features include:

  • Single service provider for multiple OEMs
  • 24x7x365 dispatch 
  • Robust, web-based reporting capabilities with monthly reporting metrics
  • Consistent achievement of customized contracted SLAs 

EGC provides support on nearly all types of hardware devices:

  • Mainframes
  • Midrange Servers
  • Rack Servers
  • Storage Devices 
  • Network Equipment 
  • Power Supply Equipment 
  • Desktops 
  • Laptops 

We also support most major equipment brands.
EGC maintains a variety of authorizations, certifications, and partnerships to ensure our ability to deliver legendary service. We also maintain direct original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships. 

IBM Storage Maintenance: Total Storage Disk Systems, Ultrium, MagStar, Optical Library Data Server, RAMAC Virtual Disk Array, DS Series, EXP Series, N Series

Hitachi Hardware Maintenance and Support
Hitachi Server Maintenance: Advance Systems
Hitachi Storage Maintenance: Freedom, Thunder, AMS, USP, SVP

Sun/Oracle Hardware Maintenance and Support
Sun/Oracle Server Maintenance: SPARC, SunFire, Netra, Ultra, X-X86 Series
Sun/Oracle Storage Maintenance: StorEdge, FlexLine, L Libraries, SL Libraries, StorageTek

EMC Hardware Maintenance and Support
EMC Server Maintenance: CLARiiON, Connectrix
EMC Storage Maintenance: Celerra, Symmetrix, CLARiiON, VNX

Dell Hardware Maintenance and Support
Dell Server Maintenance: PowerEdge, VRTX
Dell Storage Maintenance: PowerVault, Equallogic

Fujitsu Hardware Maintenance and Support
Fujitsu Server Maintenance: PrimePower
Fujitsu Storage Maintenance: Eterus

Quantum Hardware Maintenance and Support
Quantum Storage Maintenance: Scalar, L Libraries, M Libraries, P Libraries, Adic

Nexsan Hardware Maintenance and Support
Nexsan Storage Maintenance: SASBOY, GX4, SATABeast, E18

Cisco Hardware Maintenance and Support
Cisco Server Maintenance: Media Convergence Server, UCS Manager

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