Plan & Deployment

A security strategy designed specifically for your organisation
We understand that it is the nature of security protection to be a constant work in progress and that every organisation today already has some security measures in place. As a result, we have designed our services to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your current environment, identify where it is strong and where it is weak, and help you develop a strategy that can be implemented in phases, is right-sized, scalable, leverages existing technology and protects your organisation today and tomorrow.

Key Focus Areas
Network segmentation – Network segmentation involves separating networks from each other to minimise the level of access to sensitive information for those applications, servers, and people who don’t need it. (If Target had applied the “rule of least privileged” and separated the HVAC contractors network from POS, the damaging hack could have been blocked.)

Business enablement – When most IT pros hear the word “security,” they think about data breaches and firewalls. But security tools can also be tremendous business enablers providing much deeper visibility into a company’s IT infrastructure, and by extension, a better understanding of how corporate compute resources are being used resulting in cost savings and productivity enhancements throughout an organization.

Using the network as a security sensor and enforcer – As a security sensor – Visibility to network traffic serves as a valuable tool to identify anomalous traffic across the entire network, from the furthest branch office down to the traffic in the data center. 

As a security enforcer – The network can be used to dynamically enforce security policy with software-defined segmentation designed to reduce the overall attack surface, contain attacks by preventing the lateral movement of threats across the network, and minimise the time needed to isolate threats when detected.

Secure mobility – Working with a wide range of organisations across many industries, Logicalis has developed a set of best practices to provide secure mobility for customers which include:
Implementing security architecture and policies Developing a granular network access strategy to address mobile devices Continuously monitoring and managing activity



A distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system. Usually web servers hosting high profile websites, mail servers, and DNS servers are common targets for such attacks. DDoS attacks not only can cause these servers to be unavailable to its intended users but also affect other unfortunate customers who may be using the same shared network service resulting to lost revenues and dissatisfied customers.
Being protected from outside security threats not only provides a peace of mind for a service provider but also differentiates them from the competition by making sure services are always available and that its pipes are clean of unwanted traffic.
EGCin partnership with leading network security vendors provides a network-wide infrastructure security and traffic-monitoring solutions that addresses critical security requirements such as detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks and other network security threats. EGCvast experience and expertise in protecting data networks would not only help service providers achieve the peace of mind from outside security threats, but also help improve its network and service performance.
Features & Benefits:
Fully protects Service Provider’s network against the largest DDoS attacks  

Best-of-breed DDoS IPS devices to stop maximum variety of DDoS attack types at every network layer.

A turn-key solution with minimal requirements on its network operations staff.

Generates additional revenue by offering “clean-pipe” service to the Service Provider’s customers.


Email Anti Spam

Nowadays a highly reliable e-mail system have become a must for any organization in order to function. effectively These e-mail systems are under constant attack, plagued by Internet borne threats such as spams, viruses and phishing. Studies have shown that 70% to 95% of all e-mails sent are spam. Spam is unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant, mass, and anonymous electronic correspondence.
Spam, in addition to the nuisance of consuming network bandwidth, also expends a lot of time for the  users. Spam mails can also contain URL links to sites that may be known malware sources or phishing sites. One way to stop the flood of e-mail based inbound attacks are through the installation of an anti-spam flitering solution at the perimeter device such as a gateway, which can drop or flag the unwanted, malicious e-mail.
EGC in partnership with leading Internet security vendors provide Service Providers with a network-wide security infrastructure that addresses its critical security requirements and allowing them  to scale with their growing network and customer base. Features & Benefits:

Stops spam at the edge via network validation techniques (DNS Based Blackhole List., Reverse DNS Lookup, Spam URL Real-Time Block Lists, and Sender Policy Framework).  

Provides best-of-breed filtering engines and policy tuning to minimize false positives/negatives.

Supports heuristic text comparison checks and text and image signature checks.


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Threat Management and Intelligence

Increase your cybersecurity posture with threat intelligence Visibility into data patterns and constantly evolving threat activity provides the intelligence you need to help defend your enterprise. Intelligence comes from EGC threat management tools, which help you prevent, detect, and respond to a variety of cyberthreats.


EGC threat management benefits

Detect—threat intelligence We provide visibility into data patterns and constantly evolving threat activity. Billions of events are rapidly processed by using the power of EGC Threat management Services.The intelligence we learn here strengthens our ability to help protect you.


Alert—threat detection

Detect threats in near-real time-this is possible because we can monitor well over 100 petabytes of data on an average business day. Defend—threat protection and mitigation Be prepared for and respond to potential attacks thanks to our global security operations data centers and our threat management services.


EGC threat management services

Threat Manager-Log Analysis Spot and help stop threats with full-service security log management and monitoring.
DDoS Defense Help guard your enterprise against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks of all sizes.
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Employ near-real-time surveillance to help identify and block potential threats.

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Network Security Partners

EGC work with the world’s leading solution providers in Network Security, covering Firewalls, SSL VPN Remote Access, Access Control, Multi Factor Authentication, Anti-Spam, URL & Web Content Filtering, Encryption and Full Network Monitoring.


se2Network Security, Web Security, MDM and APT Defense

iboss Network Security is a leading provider of innovative APT Defence, Web Security and Mobile Security Solutions. iboss solutions were built from the ground up to meet the challenges of a mobile-enabled world. Providing layer 7 defence across HTTP, SSL, threat and applications iboss secures mobile devices on or off network enabling organisations to safely adapt social media, SaaS, and mobile devices while expanding access to technology. By incorporating unmatched network traffic visibility, organisations are able to identify high-risk user behaviour and the Shadow IT to create more actionable policies

se3Endpoint Security Suite

Introducing Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. Built on world class anti-malware technology, our latest security platform now allows you to manage and protect your IT network even more effectively, putting you truly in control. Bringing Kaspersky Lab anti-malware, encryption, mobile device & systems management, plus much more all into one platform, on one console, at one cost.

se1Firewalls, SSL VPN Remote Access, Access Control

Juniper Networks is known as one of the leading solutions that delivers innovative hardware and software systems for any size organisation. Juniper’s solution based product portfolio includes Firewall/VPN, SSL VPN, IDP, Access Control, Routing and Switching, all of which can be provided on a single OS creating easy management and tight integration. Juniper is a key solution for any organization that is looking to grow organically or via acquisitions due to the scalability of the product range.

se5Hardware Security Modules, Disk Encryption, Two factor Authentication

SafeNet is a global leader in information security, protecting data at rest, data in motion, data in use, software and license management with the broadest range of security solutions in the world. The Company protects critical business data, communications, financial transactions, and digital identities through a full spectrum of encryption technologies. Key products include Safeword Remote Access a secure two factor authentication solution, Protect Drive a full disc encryption, Data Secure a unified data encryption platform with granular access and HSM (Hardware Security Modules) which allows for the securing of the cryptographic keys.

se4Avoid Lock-in

Hyper-converged platforms are exactly that, a platform.  It enables the use of multiple hypervisors, on commodity hardware with intelligence in software so that you’re business isn’t forced into forklift hardware upgrades when extending your infrastructure, or changing to a new hypervisor layer.