Retail Industry



MyShop Supports Retailers with 8 Core Services:

  • Project management: Built around best practices from ITIL®, Six Sigma, PMI® and more.
  • Product procurement: Supports channel, direct-procurement and client-supplied approaches.
  • Logistics management: Addresses equipment procurement, configuration, distribution and tracking.
  • Staging and deployment: Includes equipment storage, inventory and consolidation.
  • Advanced configuration: Covers configuration standards, security, kitting, packing and shipping.
  • Installation: Applies phased or overnight store setup and installation.
  • Day One support: Delivers on-site technical support and training.
  • Recovery and disposition: Manages reselling or disposal of equipment with eco-acceptable programs.

Our Goal: 100% On-Time Store Openings

EGC manages the entire process, including initial site surveys, device procurement and configuration, equipment installation and wall-to-wall Day One support.
Our delivery organization is staffed by experienced and certified technical teams — boasting a record of 100 percent on-time store openings with zero defects.
We leverage proven best practices, processes and tools to provide consistency, promote efficiency and meet unique requirements.
Having multiple staging and integration facilities enables us to manage projects of diverse size and complexity. For example, for a leading North America retailer, we completed 600 new-store installations in addition to 300 remodels with 100% on-time achievement.


Start your transformation

Get the applications that create more immersive customer experiences — and help your business run smarter.


From the rise of the “always-on consumer” to the rapid emergence of new technologies, the retail industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Retailers that optimize the end-user experience — in stores and online — in response to changing customer expectations and behaviors will thrive. Those that don’t will fade away. 
EGC has the experience and expertise to drive your organization’s success in this brave new world of retail. In fact, we help seven of the top 10 North American retailers leverage the latest technologies to enhance the customer experience while also cutting IT costs.  To learn more about our retail expertise, please contact us today and talk to one of our subject matter experts. 


In fast-changing retail environments, with store openings, upgrades and refreshes across hundreds or thousands of locations, IT is faced with complexity and risk. Compound that with multiple vendors, and it’s a huge challenge.
MyShop — Powered by EGC is a comprehensive IT solution that helps ensure you launch and refresh your retail store on time and on budget, to drive a great customer experience.


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