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Video of Putting Technology to Work at Hamilton Health Sciences Every vertical market presents a unique set of challenges to CIOs, but few are as complex as the healthcare industry.
Healthcare CIOs are tasked with balancing the need for reliable and secure day-to-day IT operations while implementing and supporting new applications for EMRs, revenue cycle, human resources and every department within the health system. At the same time, hospital staff, doctors, nurses and technicians are all embracing mobile solutions of varying design and relying on the IT department to support these devices. 
All too often, the daily operations overwhelm IT and the new solutions take longer to implement. EGC can help your system gain back the time to address these new initiatives.
  EGC brings a deep understanding of the key trends affecting healthcare IT. Our ability to offer adaptable services that elevate the delivery of clinical care sets us apart from the competition.
Assigning day-to-day IT service management to CompuCom frees up your internal IT team to focus on its core competencies: clinical change management and other strategic initiatives. We can help your organization apply technology best practices that cut costs, increase efficiency and, ultimately, improve the quality of patient care.
The stakes are high in healthcare. Be sure to trust your managed IT services to a firm that’s been there before: EGC. To learn more about our healthcare expertise, please contact us today and talk to one of our subject matter experts.


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How can EGC help you?

The rapid evolution of data-access requirements and communications technologies is affecting all aspects of healthcare. As a leading IT infrastructure supplier to the healthcare industry, EGC has worked side-by-side with healthcare organizations to make their IT devices, processes and infrastructure ready to support the transformation.

On the clinical floor, EGC works with staff to design and deploy technology that maximizes the utilization of EHR and other new clinical data sources. In the data center, we help healthcare providers meet the massive data demands of the new applications while also assessing and deploying cloud technologies when that is the appropriate path.

Of course, once they can access EHR and other key patient data from anywhere, on any device (including their own), doctors and other healthcare professionals will want to harness that capability to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical care. So IT departments must make sure personnel can do just that without compromising compliance or security.
The same requirements apply to communications technologies such as email and instant messaging. Broadly deployed wireless IP networks have the potential to enhance real-time communication among staff. But compliance and security must always remain top priorities.

EGC has everything it takes to deliver secure access and communications within your organization. Count on us for an independent approach to hardware and software vendor selection. We can also assist with challenges such as developing your mobile strategy, designing the architecture and building the infrastructure.

Furthermore, EGC can empower healthcare organizations to handle the fundamental shift to patient-centered information ownership. Moving forward, more and more patients will demand ubiquitous access to their own clinical records, and universal data exchanges will become widely integrated. As one of the first organizations to support the universal exchange of data between hospital groups, we keenly understand this need and can help securely digitize patient data for ownership and interoperability.


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