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Maximize Your Cloud Investment with EGC

Most businesses have already started expanding their IT footprint with cloud services; it’s simply a matter of how much, what kind, and when. Managing the cloud-extended environment this creates can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. EGC’s cloud experts help you with every stage of your cloud consumption lifecycle – from crafting a clear strategy, to monitoring and optimizing your cloud services, to determining if you are taking advantage of all the benefitsyour new cloud platform offers. Regardless of your cloud footprint, EGC can help. Here’s how:

Managed Public Cloud Services: We partner with the leading public cloud providers to deliver best-of-breed cloud monitoring and management capabilities. We’re always evaluating new platforms in the market to determine if we should incorporate them into our portfolio.
Managed Private Cloud Services: Our private cloud services use modern infrastructure solutions and best-in-class private cloud technologies to enable the self-service, deploy-with-a-click functionality that you expect from a private cloud. Hosted Private Cloud Services: Many clients who want to move from their data center to the public cloud find, for various reasons, that they cannot transfer all of their workloads. EGC’s Hosted Private Cloud provides a public cloud experience with private cloud infrastructures and experiences hosted in one of EGC’s colocation-partner data centers.
Moreover, EGC can proactively manage all of your Cloud-Extended Data Center systems, no matter where they are located, in order to provide you with comprehensive coverage of your server, network, and security devices. Whether you are using public, private, or hybrid cloud architectures, we can monitor your systems’ health and provide the regular reports and incident resolution capabilities you need.


Define Your Cloud Strategy, Resolve Concerns, Reap the Benefits

In trying to define a cloud strategy, many companies struggle with questions around the type of cloud platform to adopt, which applications and data to move (and where), and how all of this will affect the company’s security, functionality, and resources. EGC’s Cloud Solutions help define your strategy and find answers to these questions, so you can realize cloud benefits such as:

Scalability: Easily expand your IT capacity and functionality without buying, deploying, and maintaining hardware and facilities space.
Speed: Recognize the business benefits of having new services and functionality up and running in hours; including launching your cloud strategy, response to issues, maintenance, and patches.
Flexibility and access: Give your users greater flexibility to run apps and access data whenever and wherever needed.
Cost management: Pay only for the capacity you use.
While these strategic discussions are ongoing, some of your departments may be taking advantage of the cloud transaction model to adopt new cloud services on their own. This “shadow IT” introduces another layer of complexity that you must account for in your cloud strategy. EGC will work with your key stakeholders to figure out the best end-to-end cloud solution for your business needs and then help you turn the plan into reality.

How We Get You Started on Your Journey to the Cloud

EGC’s Cloud Solutions offer a turnkey solution for defining and implementing your cloud strategy. These services include:
Cloud Readiness Assessment We help you develop and refine your cloud strategy and approach to uncover detailed answers to all your cloud strategy questions. Armed with these inputs, EGC develops an assessment that helps chart the course on your journey to the cloud.

Cloud Migration

EGC assists you with moving your selected workloads to the cloud. Whether you’re deploying new applications, moving data from your data center to the cloud or migrating existing virtual machines, our Professional Services team provides the resources and expertise to get the job done with minimal downtime and business disruption.

Cloud Management and Automation
The beauty of the cloud? You can easily select the services that deliver optimal functionality, cost and relevance to your business, from one or multiple vendors, with the confidence that they will work on your infrastructure. As you diversify your cloud portfolio, new challenges arise regarding the management of elements such as user identity, access and permissions, virtual environments, test environments, and other business-specific data. Through our cloud management and automation services, we handle the complexities of managing these different environments. As a result, your team can focus on strategic activities that add new value to the business. To learn more, or to sign up for a Cloud Readiness Assessment, contact a sales representative today.


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