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As more people work flexibly from home or on the move, the workplace has become a distributed environment that can span the world. You can now work anywhere, any time, on any device and, with tablets or smartphones in particular, using whichever application suits you best. Communication networks keep you in touch with colleagues around the world, whether they are on the move or in corporate locations.  But communication does not automatically equate to collaboration. To become collaborative, all the messages and data flowing between devices needs to be managed and made available to people in a way that helps them do business. This is where EGC excel.


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Video Conferencing Solutions

The chances are, the video conferencing capabilities now available to companies and organisations are like nothing you’ve experienced before. Gone are the days of poor video and sound quality; of dropped connections or long waits while other people sort their expensive equipment out.  Video conferencing solutions have come of age. Affordable and reliable, Logicalis video solutions deliver the promise of bringing you and your colleagues or customers together in the same room. We have combined the availability of high-definition video and audio with a lot of thought and research about how people want to use it (not just the technical implementation). It has led us to the creation of video conferencing solutions that range from desktop or mobile implementations, right up to complete room systems, and high-end immersive Telepresence solutions. It can all be delivered as capital expenditure or deployed as-a-service for a monthly fee. Visit our local regional sites to see the range of options that we can deliver in the video conferencing as a service sector.


Unified communications is about harnessing the capabilities of powerful, IP-enabled communications technologies. We have a deep understanding of all the products available and we know how to integrate them for the benefit of your business—providing you with the secure and efficient communication tools you need to operate efficiently.The Logicalis approach is to use advanced technologies to make collaboration simpler, not more complicated. It encompasses:
Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP)
Web conferencing
 Instant messaging
Enterprise social networking
Immersive video and presence capabilities
What it means for you
We provide a secure, integrated and reliable communications infrastructure. It might be located on your premises, out-sourced, hosted or delivered as a service: whatever makes most sense for your business. Over that infrastructure, we seamlessly merge email, voice and other communications services, and give you a single interface to access it all from.  The possibilities for collaboration are almost endless. You can access voice messages in email; dictate an email over the phone; begin a videoconference call; and you can share, forward and manage all your messages in real time. None of this is limited by location. As long as internet access is available, so are your communication and collaboration options.


Instant messaging naturally promotes collaboration. But when it is also integrated with workflow and document management, as well as with other tools like email, your telephone system and text messaging, it now provides a powerful, common communications portal that can be made available to the entire workforce. Logicalis can advise on effective collaboration strategies and has experience in a range of collaboration tools. We help you bring people closer together by enabling fast and effective sharing of information, ideas and knowledge. Through a single interface, we can help you make effective and efficient interaction in the workplace a reality.


There is more to communication and collaboration than enabling conversations. And an enterprise social platform provides the next step, bringing employees together in a way that builds communities and allows groups to form. It is a powerful vehicle of collaboration, with information and past discussions available for sharing in the same place.
But enabling an enterprise-wide social platform is not only a business objective:
it has become an imperative to remain competitive, to attract a new generation of talent, and to open new channels of productivity.
Logicalis can deliver a single business enterprise social platform that lets the people in your organisation:
Find and connect with people, communities, and information from a personalised dashboard.
Contribute and share knowledge simply and easily.
Foster and develop communications and culture among new and existing employees.


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