Digital Infrastructure

Cloud Solutions for the Uptrend, Mobile Workforce

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. But to stay productive, workers need constant access to their business applications and data, using an ever-growing set of devices. That means new management, security and support challenges for the IT department. EGC’s spectrum of Digital Workspace technologies meet these challenges by combining cloud technologies with our industry-leading End-User Services. In short, the mobile users stay productive without overburdening their colleagues in IT.


Desktop Virtualization Solutions

As businesses have moved into this new mobile/cloud era, it’s become necessary to find new ways to support the shift while maintaining flexibility and security. Desktop virtualization addresses these needs by: .Supporting legacy applications and operating systems .Enabling different devices and platforms to work with traditional Windows desktop operating systems .Centralizing the desktop, applications and data on an IT-controlled data center instead of on the devices themselves EGC’s Desktop Virtualization Solutions allow you to easily provide a secure, managed desktop to everyone in your workforce, incorporating technologies and services from the industry’s top providers. Our offerings include: .Prepackaged desktop virtualization bundles designed to meet typical end-user workloads and needs .Custom-designed solutions for unique workload requirements .Flexible delivery options: on-premises, hosted or cloud-based .Fully managed solutions that let you focus on your business instead of managing the infrastructure EGC’s Desktop Virtualization Solutions meet your current needs while giving you the room to grow — and let your workers use the devices they want, whenever and wherever they want.

Enterprise File Sync and Share Solutions

With the use of multiple devices based on different operating systems, it’s important to enable workers to sync and share information across all their devices. EGC’s Enterprise File Sync and Share Solutions meet this challenge by letting enterprises store files in a central location, accessible by those multitude of devices and users. Our services include: .Cloud-based solutions that allow instant-on services while letting the IT department manage controls and policies .On-premises or hosted solutions providing the same features as cloud-based solutions, but with an infrastructure to meet a client’s security and performance requirements .Instant file-sharing and collaboration capabilities to avoid the load and duplication issues associated with email systems .Managed Services to provide optimal service levels


End-User Backup and Recovery Solutions

All organizations are concerned with data loss. Whether the loss comes from theft, failure or human error, it’s critical to recover the data quickly and completely. But the data most at risk often is stored on employee desktops or laptops — and rarely protected by backup and recovery solutions. EGC ’s End-User Backup and Recovery Solutions leverage technologies designed to provide secure and reliable data-protection services. Supporting both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, our solutions use secure Internet connections to enable end users to use their devices while keeping their data protected. We offer: Cloud-based and/or on-premises storage repositories Self-service file, folder and image restore capabilities IT-managed backup policies Continuous data-protection features to ensure little to no loss of data following a failure

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