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Server and storage virtualization can transform the way you provision and consume IT resources and pave the way for private cloud computing and virtual desktop infrastructures. With the ability to run multiple operating systems on a single physical server, you can improve resource utilization and boost IT responsiveness to changing business demands.


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Server virtualization offers numerous benefits to data centers everywhere in terms of power and cooling savings, space utilization, reduced application, backup and operating software licensing costs, and decreased man-hour costs. These benefits are achieved by increasing virtual machine density through a balance of CPU power and cost-effective memory footprints and when virtual these environments can be managed more efficiently, more securely, and with better QoS. EGC experience and expertise in building data centers and deep knowledge in virtualization technologies help service providers shift to the next-generation data center platform that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization products into a cohesive system for lower Total Cost of Ownership and business agility.


Types of Virtualization

Operating System Virtualization.
Server Virtualization.
Application Virtualization.
Storage Virtualization.
 Virtualization can increase IT agility, flexibility, and scalability while creating significant cost savings. Workloads get deployed faster, performance and availability increases and operations become automated, resulting in IT that’s simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate. Additional benefits include:
Reduce capital and operating costs.
Minimize or eliminate downtime.
Increase IT productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness.
Provision applications and resources faster.
Enable business continuity and disaster recovery.
Simplify data center management.
Build a true Software-Defined Data Center



EGC specializes in helping small to midsize businesses transform their IT infrastructures with virtualization solutions for every budget. We partner with leading storage and virtualization companies to deliver proven virtualization solutions that improve IT efficiency and responsiveness. When you partner with EGC, you gain access to a team of highly specialized engineers, including storage engineers, networking engineers, virtualization engineers, and cloud architects to augment and support your IT staff. We bring the knowledge and expertise that we’ve gained from years of working on our large-scale cloud platform to small- and medium-sized businesses. We share with our customers the same tools, technologies, and methodologies that we use in our own data center on a daily basis. Our certified engineers can help you bring virtualization expertise into your company without large operational overhead. You can be sure you’re taking advantage of the latest technologies to maximize the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your storage infrastructure.


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Hybrid Cloud Storage

As unstructured data continues to grow, the complexity, physical and financial constraints of traditional SAN and NAS platforms is becoming unsustainable.  Typically for every Terabyte of usable storage required an organisation will purchase between 5 and 15 Terabytes of raw storage capacity, often replicated across multiple locations and storage mediums such as tape.

As a result organisations are now looking for alternative storage delivery strategies, combining localised storage performance alongside the scale, cost and flexibility that Cloud storage offers.

Hybrid Cloud Storage provides organisations with the best of both worlds.  The approach combines a local Cloud storage gateway that acts as a SAN or NAS device to provide users with local data access with the level of local network performance that they expect using common presentation protocols such as CIFs or NFS so that user behaviour remains consistant.  All data is held in the Cloud or Object store to leverage the availability, scale and cost points that can’t be achieved using traditional methods; whilst at the same time enabling global collaboration amongst users.

Product Description

By leveraging the near infinite scale of the Cloud, Nephos are able to provide almost limitless on-demand storage capacity, at lower costs and without the need for constant hardware upgrades.


By using Cloud or Object storage, storing data as objects and dispersing them across multiple datacenters, alongside inbuilt data snapshots, Nephos are able to eliminate the need to backup your unstructured data and offsite protection, whilst improving your RTO’s and RPO’s at the same time.


Nephos leverages the scale of Cloud and Object storage as a centralised repository of data, rightsizing branch office storage for active data sets meaning we can reduce the cost of local storage, remove and consolidate backup and offsite protection and remove the need to continue to buy physical storage; reducing storage footprint, management overheads and cost.


Using the Cloud or Object storage as a global file repository, and leveraging localised Cloud storage gateways, Nephos are able to globally distribute data with global file locking, enabling true collaboration regardless of location and device.


Nephos’ approach ensures that your data remains encrypted at the highest possible levels both in transit and at rest.  Nephos also provides visibility and control over where your data resides, by volume, so you’re in control over where your data is being held


By leveraging Cloud storage gateways to provide on-premise storage access, Nephos are able to provide local performance, with common storage access protocols to your users at lower cost and footprint.


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