Managed Services


our suite of managed IT services, provides the fundamental support and risk remediation requirements of modern networks. It is a perfect solution for customers with limited internal technical resources.


Net Admin

By combining our onsite hardware service with administrative support and proactive, remote network monitoring, our Net Admin Service addresses core, day-to-day network support requirements including routine account maintenance, proactive system health checks, issue resolution and more. Additional targeted services address application specific servers and the unique demand of cloud computing environments.


Backup and Recovery Services

Our Remote Backup Service relieves the pain of traditional backup routines by encrypting core data and moving it via a secure connection to an offsite, SAS-70 certified data center where it is available for easy restoration. System Recovery Service provides quick restoration and recovery of failed systems via software and hardware that creates encrypted system images both locally and to a secure offsite location for maximum continuity and quick recovery.

Security Services

Customers can address the growing level of network-related risk via a variety of Harland Technology Services security services including Managed Firewall, Web Content Filtering, SPAM Filtering, Vulnerability Assessment and Endpoint Security – a managed anti-malware solution.


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Services Description

The increasing complexities of computer networks present significant challenges for organizations with limited internal IT resources. Organizations need a solution that allows them to:
Reduce Risk

  • Maximize Reliability
  • Apply Network Expertise
  • Predict Expenses
  • Focus Personnel on Core Business
  • Work with One Solution Provider

Net Admin Service from EGC is the one-source solution. It is the flagship service within the EGC MIS suite of Managed Services. Our onsite field service technicians and in-house technical support staff combine years of experience and state-of-the-art tools to produce a reliable, secure network experience.
By combining remote monitoring with administrative support and onsite service, EGC has created a complete network support solution for your network. The list of Net Admin Service deliverables is comprehensive and includes:

  • Routine Account Maintenance
  • Pro-active System Health Checks
  • Onsite/Remote Issue Remediation
  • System Security Maintenance
  • Assessment/Advice/Support
  • Coordination with Software Providers

SQL Server Care provides the support and expertise needed to ensure the continuous health of critical SQL databases. Configuration validation, proactive monitoring, reporting and regular consultation ensures consistent uptime, maximum database performance and an intelligent, on-going sizing strategy.
Hosted Exchange Service allows EGC customers to outsource the heavy burden of maintaining an in-house email environment. Various service levels provide everything from basic mailbox functionality to synchronization with smart phones.


Backup, transportation and recovery of data and critical systems represent a key risk point for organizations. Unfortunately, news of information security incidents resulting from unencrypted data or poor retention and recovery plans is all too regular. Our ITManager suite of managed services includes vital backup and recovery strategies that will keep your organization out of such news stories.

Remote Backup Service relieves the pain of traditional backup routines by encrypting core data and moving it via a secure connection to an offsite, SAS-70 certified data center where it is available for easy restoration. Cloud Recovery Service provides quick restoration and recovery of data or failed systems via software and hardware that creates encrypted, local images which are replicated to an offsite, SAS-70 compliant data storage facility. Virtualization of these images allows for rapid recovery of critical systems as part of continuity and recovery plans.

Email Archiving Service addresses retention requirements by providing compliant, offsite storage of local or hosted email data.

Information security risk and compliance continue to be top-of-mind issues for CSOs and CIOs. To address these issues and maximize network security, our MIS suite of managed services includes a comprehensive set of Managed Security Services.

System Security Analysis is a comprehensive review of your network security delivered by our trained security experts. It creates a security status baseline via a comprehensive security status report with risk rankings and recommended remediation.

Managed Firewall Service provides 24×7 intrusion detection, prevention and reporting capabilities via management of network traffic through a state-of-the-art firewall.

Web Content Filtering works in conjunction with our Managed Firewall Service to provide management of web traffic through the firewall.

Gateway Anti-virus works in conjunction with our Managed Firewall Service to provide protection against malware at a network’s perimeter.

Hosted SPAM Filtering stops SPAM and associated malware before it reaches your network by routing inbound and outbound email traffic through an adjustable filter

Remote Vulnerability Assessments provide monthly, remote tests of your perimeter security and delivers formatted reports to you as proof of network testing.

Internal Vulnerability Assessments compare a network’s vulnerabilities against a standard and produce vulnerability reporting for prioritized remediation.

Web Security Service provides proactive validation and filtering of web requests to protect against a variety of risks associated with websites including phishing schemes, malware, botnets and negative impact on productivity.

Endpoint Security Service is a managed anti-malware solution which provides protection from a variety of malicious software via proactive management of anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Our customers have trusted us to handle their network support and security for over 20 years. EGC has the expertise and solutions needed to address security and compliance concerns.


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